Red AtomiK

Welcome to the Red AtomiK NNTP service page

Red AtomiK is pleased to provide a free Usenet read access to anyone.

Feel free to ask for a full access (read/write) by sending an email to

We actually are looking for peers from all continents including but not limited to:

If you want to peer with us feel also free to send an email to

Technical data:

    NNTP server (in/out):
    NNTP port: 119
    IPv6: None
    Hierarchies:    *,\

    Max art. size: 1000000 (~ 1 MB)
    Cleanfeed: Yes
    NoCem: Yes
    Path data sent to on daily basis.

    Top1000 position on 2017-06-27 at 00:00:01: 131

Status reports:

    Daily Usenet reports
    INN status
    Innfeed status
    Cleanfeed stats


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